The Intellectual Property Right Cell of Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DU) was constituted on 25th Apr. 2012. The composition of Cell is as under
1. Dr.Lalit B.Waghmare (Director Innovations) Chairman
2. Dr. A. N. Gupta (Retired Assistant Controller of Patents & Designs, Kolkata) Technical Member (Patent Filing)
3 Dr.Swanand Pathak, Prof & HOD, Pharmacology - JNMC Institutional Member
4 Dr S. Z. Quazi, Prof., Dept of Community Medicine, JNMC Institutional Member
5 Dr. B. Chouragade, Prof., SSS. MGAC Institutional Member
6 Dr. Punit Fulzele, Asst Prof., Dept of Pedodontics, SPDC Secretary
7 Ms. Seema Singh, Prof., Dept of Medical Surgical Nursing, SRMMCON Institutional Member
Status of Copy Rights Received
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